Yesterday, we participated in the parade at Franklin County Pride (the county where our office is located, in Western Massachusetts) and it was bigger and better than last year! We chose to do the parade instead of tabling this year, just to switch it up. We did a Facebook Live video from the car, and did a lot of rambling back and forth about our mission, the needs of our community, intersectional marginalization, our dog, why we aren't able to be more physically participatory at more events, the spectators having fabulous outfits, and why we pulled ourselves out of last week's Boston Pride parade at the last minute.*  Afterwards, we went around the festival and handed out some of our updated flyers for TDTF and LAMMP, both of which have had slight edits, no longer contain the defunct QR code, and we have added a Spanish translation of the TDTF flyer. (The LAMMP flyer is available in several languages.) So if you or your organization are using/displaying our flyers, please download and print the new ones! These are freely available for anyone to distribute digitally or physically. We appreciate our supporters helping to distribute our information, as we have a very small staff! And this year, our Pride month has been largely focused on preparing for the premiere of "I'm Your Venus", assisting Colombia with the Rainbow Search Network project, and getting more cases officially into our pipeline to analyze their DNA! (New case announcements hopefully soon!) We hope everyone is having a safe Pride month!

tdtf flyer image.jpglammp english image.jpg

Click the flyer to go to the printable and alternate language versions.

*On that topic, we could really benefit from being seen in front of a crowd of more than a million people- we only have a couple hundred to a couple thousand followers on our social media accounts. We emailed the organizers to tell them we were declining to participate due to the growing protest of activist organizations, and they replied and basically said "okay" without attempting to have a dialogue with us, and without even letting us know they had released a statement earlier that day. We still would have not participated, but it was very disappointing to get a non-reply. We hope that in the future, we can participate in the "largest Pride event in New England", as we believe that more people need to know that we exist.

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