Trans Doe Task Force, Inc. is a Trans-led nonprofit organization. TDTF was originally formed as an unincorporated grassroots effort in 2018, operated as an FG4LE advanced student intern club in 2020, and reincorporated separately as a nonprofit organization in 2021. Our work has been featured in Xtra MagazineVice, and Wired UK. We have presented at universities, law enforcement agencies, and conferences such as the American Academy of Forensic Sciences and the Transgender Professional Association for Transgender Health.

The Trans Doe Task Force was founded by Anthony Redgrave and Lee Bingham Redgrave. Visit Redgrave Research Forensic Services for more on their other work. Joining the Redgraves on the Board of Directors is Viktor Veltstra, our LAMMP admin.


If you are working with law enforcement and you have a case you would like our help with, please email and we can discuss how we can help. We are able to provide consultation, assist with lab work for DNA evidence and can provide in-house forensic genetic genealogy for Doe cases or perpetrator cases in which the victim was LGBTQ+. Law enforcement can also request investigator access to the LAMMP database by emailing

If you are a citizen researcher and have found a case of a Doe that you would like us to know about, please use the LAMMP/TDTF Unidentified Decedent Report Form. You can also read a message to citizen sleuth allies. General emails and media requests can be sent to

If you have a friend or family member who is missing and is LGBTQ+, please email

If you would like to contribute to Trans Doe Task Force, please use the button below. Donations help fund lab work and genealogical research for TDTF cases, development of educational programs, operating costs for LAMMP and support for families of victims. Thank you for your support!