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Uzbek/ o'zbek

We did our best with these translations, and started with the languages most used in the DeKalb County, Georgia area because of our participation in the Missing Persons Event and DNA Drive. However, we will be building on this list now that we have started, and would welcome any assistance in translating or suggestions of languages to include. Please email us!

Our LAMMP (LGBTQ+ Accountability for Missing and Murdered Persons) database admin and missing persons expert Viktor has created an informative flyer about LAMMP and our services related to missing persons.  He has also translated it into several different languages, as listed below! Each flyer has a QR code that links back to this page so other languages can be easily accessed.  This flyer is meant to go along with our main organization flyer. You are welcome to print off and distribute these flyers without alterations.  You can bring them to Pride events, community centers, health care centers, or to your local investigative agencies (medical examiners, DAs, police etc.).This will help everyone to work together to better serve the LGBTQ+ community.

If you would like to print a flyer for our #IFIGOMISSING project as well, please visit that page for full size or quarter sheet flyers.


Click here for our main TDTF flyer.


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