For context regarding this hashtag and new project, and to learn more about our present stance on missing Trans kids, you can read our post from this past Trans Day of Visibility, or watch the following video:

In recent months, we have seen over 500 anti-Trans bills being put forward and passed in state legislatures around the US, including bills such as SB 254 in Florida which was passed on signed into law on May 17, 2023 which allows the government to remove Trans children from the custody of their affirming, supportive parents and forcibly detransition them.

As a result, some Trans children and adults have started posting to social media (especially on TikTok) under the hashtag #IFIGOMISSING, in which they are making folders that include their personal details. They then give these folders to trusted individuals to be used if they go missing. The intention is to ensure that their names and gender are presented appropriately if they are in a position where they can’t advocate for themselves.

This is a great, proactive effort! The youth always know how to innovate and adapt. However the kids putting their personal details on social media could be putting themselves at additional risk. We also recognize that it is likely that many Trans people may not have any trusted individuals to whom they can give those details.

In an effort to help support our community and especially the youth in self advocacy, we are creating a new secure section of our LAMMP database where you can enter in your name(s) and basic information, as well as submit pictures to be used in the event that you become a missing person. We will securely store this information for use in missing persons reports, fliers, social media posts, and traditional news reports, and hopefully we will never need to use them. This will help ensure that your identity is presented accurately and respectfully, the way YOU want to be represented, and will hopefully reduce the messy guesswork we often see at all levels when a Trans or gender expansive person goes missing.

Law enforcement will NOT have automatic access to this part of our database, even if they have LAMMP access for other investigations. If you fill out the form and do in fact go missing, only then will we contact the appropriate and safest people and agencies with the information that you provide.

Complete the #IFIGOMISSING Form here

LEGAL NOTE: Due to regional laws, we are unable to take any information from individuals under the age of 16 in the EU or UK, or under the age of 13 in the US, without the consent of a guardian.

Here is the link to fill out the #IFIGOMISSING form. If you don’t know or don’t want to enter all the information, that’s okay! You can enter in what you are comfortable with or what info you have, and save the link after submitting the form so you can go back and edit it later if you need to. You will need to be logged in to Google in order to use this form; this ensures that YOU are the only person who can enter or edit your own information. You will NOT receive email confirmation of the form being submitted, so nothing identifiable will be sent to your email, for your own security in case someone breaks into your email or is looking at your devices.

You will also be able to request that your information be removed from the database at any time. To request your information be removed from the database, please send an email FROM THE SAME EMAIL YOU USED TO FILL OUT THE FORM to lammp.tdtf@gmail.com. If you don’t have access to the email address you used to fill out the form, please send an email and we may need to ask additional questions to verify your identity and safely remove you from the database.

#IFIGOMISSING Flyers & Merch

Share the flyers below with your LGBTQ+ loved ones (or your local organizations) and send them the link to this page so they know we will look for them if they should ever go missing. Clicking the image will open the full size version for printing. Note: when printing the quarter-sheet page, remember to set your printer to “full size” instead of “shrink to fit.”



f you are looking for a general information sheet to print out about TDTF, you can find our standard flyer here.


The #IFIGOMISSING design is also available on our Threadless shop on a wide variety of items. All proceeds from sales go to keeping the Trans Doe Task Force and services like the #IFIGOMISSING project and the LAMMP database running.

If you have any questions or concerns about the #IFIGOMISSING project or our work on missing persons cases, please email lammp.tdtf@gmail.com or transdoetaskforce@gmail.com

Click here for our printable flyer about our services for missing persons via LAMMP.


Click here for our main TDTF flyer.


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