It's Transgender Awareness Week!  Are you aware of the Trans Doe Task Force and all the things we do?! Compared to many other Trans and Queer-led organizations we get somewhat minimal interaction from our community.  We think this is because we don't have huge budgets for marketing campaigns and also because people may be reluctant to share something upsetting when there is already so much upsetting news related to Trans people as it is.  We would like you to know that we do not just deal with unidentified deceased persons, but we also have services for missing persons via our LAMMP database (LGBT+ Accountability for Missing and Murdered Persons).  This database is run by admin and board member Viktor Veltstra, who is a missing persons expert and also is Trans.  We want to make sure that we are helping people to feel safe in accessing our services as well as asking people to signal boost.

This Transgender Awareness Week, we would like to ask everyone who sees this to share and/or tag people in the comments of our social media posts who you think would want to be aware of our work.  For example: did you know that because many Trans people are estranged from their family of origin, it is often more difficult or impossible for chosen family to file a missing person's report to law enforcement. Because of this, our LAMMP database accepts missing persons reports from friends and family, regardless of whether there is an existing police report.

Here is a link and a shareable flyers you can use as well:

LAMMP (LGBT+ Accountability for Missing and Murdered Persons) Database


Also, did you know that if you are a Trans person and you are worried about your own personal safety, you can enter your information in our #IFIGOMISSING project? This information, which will be kept private, will be stored by us in the event that you become a missing person. We will securely store this information for use in missing persons reports, fliers, social media posts, and traditional news reports, and hopefully we will never need to use them. This will help ensure that your identity is presented accurately and respectfully, the way YOU want to be represented, and will hopefully reduce the messy guesswork we often see at all levels when a Trans or gender expansive person goes missing.


If you have attempted to access these resources in the past several weeks, and found them inaccessible, everything should be working now and the website and the LAMMP database should be back to normal.  Thank you for your patience as we had to entirely rebuild our website!

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