This Saturday, May 18th at 6pm Eastern, the Trans Doe Task Force is hosting a Q&A livestream with Viktor (they/he), our LGBTQIA+ Missing Persons Specialist and TDTF board member. Viktor is also the admin of our LAMMP database which tracks both missing persons and unidentified individuals who may have been LGBTQIA+. Viktor has over 20 years experience working on these types of cases, and will be there to answer questions whether you are a concerned member of the LGBTQIA+ community, someone with a missing loved one, an investigator, or an ally.

You can join the stream on Facebook, YouTube, or Twitch. We will post direct links to the streams once they are live on our social media, and the archived video will be linked here afterwards. If you will not be able to join in at the time of the event, you can comment or send questions to and Viktor will answer them during the stream. The archived video will be available to watch once the stream ends, and we will link to it on our website.

Prior to the event, we recommend you check out the new LAMMP flyer that Viktor created, as it may answer questions you have, or may spark new questions you might not have thought of before!

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