Case Map

Below is an interactive map of the cases that we have located in which the deceased may have been trans or gender variant. It is by no means an exhaustive list, and if you know of a case that should be added to our research, please submit it via this link. If you work for a law enforcement agency and you have a Doe case, you can email us and we will do our best to help advise you on the next steps you could take.

The volunteer researchers at the Trans Doe Task Force help find cases and conduct preliminary research via primary sources such as newspapers, and sites such as NamUs. Once the preliminary research is completed, we are able to do outreach to the overseeing department for a case and offer our assistance.

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Each point on the map represents an individual whose name is unknown. Click to read more about each case, and be aware that external links to case info may include postmortem photos. Blue points are cases we have in the preliminary research stage, green points are actively being prepared for agency outreach, orange points are active cases which have moved beyond thee research phase, and red stars are cases that are actively being worked on by forensic genealogists.

If you have any general information about any of these cases, please email us. If you have any specific information about the identity of an individual, or a tip about a case, please contact the law enforcement agency which oversees the case via their contact info as listed on NamUs.