The Trans Doe Task Force hosted a virtual pride event all weekend. We had Q&A with forensic genealogists, student volunteer guests, and exciting announcements.  Scroll down to see the weekend schedule of events and archived videos. A blind bag containing pins, stickers, and other surprises was awarded during each event to viewers who asked questions.

Schedule of Events


3 PM Eastern/ 12 PM Pacific: Kickoff stream with Anthony and Lee; visit the TDTF pride table, hear case updates, and get the details about the giveaways and raffle. (53m)


9 PM Eastern/6 PM Pacific: Chat with TDTF volunteer and Trans Cold Cases admin Viktor Veltstra about our cases and the process of comparing the missing to the unidentified. (1h51m)



3 PM Eastern/ 12 PM Pacific: Chat with TDTF Anthropology consultants about sex estimation. (1h38m)


9 PM Eastern/6 PM Pacific: Forensic Genealogy Q&A with Anthony and Lee, chat with students, and final raffle drawing. (2h18m)


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