Just thought we would give you a few updates as we head into June. Have a happy and safe Pride month!

Updates from the Redgraves:

Anthony had his 40th birthday in May! Thank you to everyone who wished him a happy birthday and donated to the TDTF for the occasion. Anthony had a great time working on some creative projects and spending time with family. Lee had another gender affirming surgery at the end of May, and is resting and healing well. Lee will be mostly unable to travel in person to events for a few more months, but we are always available to meet or present remotely. We are planning to attend just one event during Pride month, and may or may not plan an online event for the Trans Doe Task Force depending on how we are feeling. Anthony is also continuing to work on his dissertation for his doctorate. Lee is working on assembling the TDTF Forensic Genetic Genealogy team in anticipation of receiving files for our cases that have been going through the lab process. If you have forensic genetic genealogy experience and would like to apply, please click here.

Other updates from May:


Board members of the Trans Doe Task Force presented sessions at St Louis University School of Medicine’s Masters 19 conference, a continuing education conference aimed toward medicolegal death investigators, forensic pathologists, law enforcement offices, forensic scientists, physicians, attorneys, and investigative personnel. Anthony Redgrave and Lee Bingham Redgrave presented the session “Forensic Genetic Genealogy in Investigations of Homicidal Violence Against Minority Victims” followed by Dr. Amy Michael’s presentation “Use of Forensic Anthropology in Cases of Gender Diverse Decedents.” We were grateful to be invited to present to professionals in the field of death investigation about the special circumstances of our cases and our work at TDTF.


On May 31, a television crew filmed at the TDTF office in Massachusetts for the first time. They interviewed board members Anthony Redgrave and Viktor Veltstra for over 5 hours about the work of the Trans Doe Task Force, the LAMMP database, cases we have assisted on, and what’s coming up in the future.

Erica Lenti’s article for XTra magazine about the Trans Doe Task Force won the gold award for Best Feature Article from the Digital Publishing Awards on May 31. Congratulations, Erica, and thank you again! Your article is top notch and has brought a lot of interest to our work, and we are so glad to celebrate your success. This also prompted us to create a page for our media mentions, which we will continue to update.


June Updates: Pride 2022


A new design has been added to the TDTF Threadless shop! “Trans Existence is Resistance” by artist Ez Sheppard is available for purchase on t shirts, stickers, mugs, etc. All proceeds go to the operating costs of the Trans Doe Task Force. Thanks so much for the design, Ez!


After having been absent from local/in person Pride events throughout the pandemic, the Trans Doe Task Force is gearing up to table at our local Franklin Pride 2022. Since so many of our staff are educators, we’ve added TDTF pencils to our table swag!

If you will be attending any in person Pride event and would like to spread the word about our work, you can download and print out these flyers that tell everyone how they can help our mission.


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