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Our first featured guest creator of the 2023 Pride season is Kayden X Coleman who has made us the design: We Belong to add permanently to our shop! Kayden is a very prolific creator on social media, as well as being a very visible activist within the Trans community. Kayden is a Black Trans man who caught the public eye while being out about being a pregnant Trans man, and then later a Trans parent living out and proudly. It was especially important to us at the TDTF to ask Kayden if he would want to collaborate with us because of four major reasons:

  • Kayden makes people feel comfortable talking about topics that some may find uncomfortable through his educational social media videos, written and spoken content, his podcast, media appearances, as well as his no-nonsense humor.
  • Families with Trans parents and/or children are under attack right now, and we want to make sure that we network and signal boost other members of the community who are doing the really hard activism work. We need to get the Trans community the resources they need to feel even the slightest bit more safe, more welcome to take up space, and more like they belong.
  • On a personal note, two of our board members, Lee and Viktor, are Trans men who also had children, although we both transitioned after the children were born. We love Kayden’s openness and willingness to confront difficult issues without fear; that definitely vibes with the Trans Doe Task Force, although our focus is quite different. Kayden helps us to feel like it’s more okay to be visible about our own experiences.
  • And finally, it is important to PAY TRANS PEOPLE! Especially Trans BIPOC creators! (Organizations, please do this!!) We feel that it is way more valuable to do this than to buy some random ad space.

To learn more about Kayden and follow his social media, here are some links:

Podcast “TRANSgenda Time”
CASHAPP: $kaydenx22
Venmo: @PapaSeahorse

P.S. This post is several days late, as our website has been having some ongoing issues that we have been trying to fix. We wanted to release this collab around Father’s Day and Juneteenth, and also wanted to have the website fixed. We haven’t done either, so we’re just releasing the post to social media and continuing to work on the website. Sorry for the delay, but Happy Father’s Day, Kayden!

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