359470653_615231237375023_1807742948816660415_n.jpgWe have added a new design to our Threadless shop! Pride month may be over in many places, but Pride Season continues worldwide, as some Pride celebrations, even local to us, continue through September. Additionally, some members of the community like to joke or regard this time as "Queer Wrath" to follow Queer Pride, and we feel this fits that sentiment as well. Our friend, UK-based queer historian Tony McMahon, had some powerful things to say in his YouTube coverage of London Pride 2023. We were inspired by his words, and have made a new design in our Threadless shop, which is now available on a wide number of items.

You can purchase this design here.

Proceeds from the sale of any of these items go to the continued operation of the Trans Doe Task Force.


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