Trans Doe Task Force is a Trans-led nonprofit organization.

Transgender and gender-variant people are disproportionately targeted in violent crimes, and have a higher suicide rate. They are more likely to be estranged from their families or end up vulnerable without adequate support. There are likely to be hundreds of transgender Does filed in cold case files as either “Jane” or “John,” which may or may not match the gender they lived under or the descriptions anyone looking for them may have given. We will seek out and find these individuals who have slipped through the cracks so that they can have a chance of being identified using the latest advances in forensic science and technology.


Trans Doe Task Force finds and researches cases of LGBTQ+ missing and murdered persons, especially focusing on unidentified individuals who may have been transgender. TDTF advises and educates the public, media, and forensic professionals about the needs of and differences between Trans Doe cases and other Doe cases. The TDTF can also assist law enforcement departments, medical examiners, and forensic anthropologists with getting their cases worked on by forensic genetic genealogists and has a Trans-led forensic genetic genealogy team in house.


LAMMP (LGBTQ+ Accountability for Missing and Murdered Persons) is TDTF’s database of missing, murdered, and unclaimed LGBTQ+ people which was created to serve the community and attempt to match any unidentified people with missing people whose cases require LGBTQ+ informed care and consideration as well as providing case support for the families and friends of missing LGBTQ+ people. LAMMP is private to protect the details of missing people who may be endangered.

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